This project was for an established corporate travel agency that deals with large corporations. Their target clientele are executives with large travel and meetings volumes who value service with reasonable price. The logo for TMP was antiquated and they were looking to update their image to stand out among their competitors.

The concept behind this logo borrows from the old logo which had a triangle. Since TMP is based out of the research triangle in North Carolina, I decided to use the old logo and give it a more modern feel. I designed the logo typographically around the joining of the ‘T’ and the ‘M’ in a simplified shape. I felt that using the triangle in an arrow shape gives this logo movement and direction as well as parallel the shape of an aircraft. The circular nature of the ‘M’ helps hold together and focus the attention of the viewer. I used steel gray to lighten up the image and blue to reference North Carolina again. The bright green, I felt was a good contrast to the gray/blue color combination and also helped the ‘M’ stand out more.

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